Barbarian vs. Pro-female Rights

Some time ago the Swedish prime minister Fredrik Reinfeldt made a statement that is not easily forgotten by people.  It is Mr. Reinfeldt’s opinion that the ethnic Swedes are nothing but barbarians. The statement that Reinfeld said is used in same way in other European countries just replacing “Swedish” with the folk of that particular country.

It seems especially ridiculous to make such claim to somehow justify the extreme non-European mass immigration when all kinds of barbaric acts have been made towards females during this modern period of mass immigration. At least for about 1000 years Northern legislation had a rule specifically made against violence towards women. Let’s see who is the barbarian, Fredrik – for me such statement sounds even outrageous considering the facts – but what would the Swedish version of the Sheriff of Nottingham care about women’s safety issues as long as the tax money is filling the trunk.

A few years ago a woman in Oulu, Finland was raped by two Africans and her genitals were cut with scissors so badly it is impossible to recover from it.

Eva Helgetun, a 13-year-old Norwegian girl killed herself after being raped in her school by immigrants.

Elin Krantz, was raped and murdered by an Ethiopian immigrant just because of she was in wrong time in wrong place.

These are just a few individual cases, many of the other cases we never hear of. The truth is that in Scandinavia, non-European immigrants are strongly over-represented in rape statistics and such violence towards women is growing. Oslo, the capital city of Norway has been suffering even for “rape waves” committed by non-European immigrants. In Oslo women have been raped in bright day light and open in public places such as underground station and even in front of the Parliamentary building. It is easy task to connect the dots in this case – actually the dots have been already connected. Some people just want to shut their eyes and ears and sing – or scream – “Kumbaya” instead of doing their simple homework with connecting a dot to another one, something which makes the subject more difficult to be issued.

What is the politicians solution to this? They want that the ethnicity of the rapists or other criminals will be kept in secret – it is “wrong” to tell about it in the news. It might make people anti-immigration…and the same time they tell us that it is us who are the barbarians. Sounds pretty twisted.

When crimes towards females as a group were considerably rare before the modern period of mass immigration, the causality between the security risk of a woman becoming an offer of such heinous crime and amount of non-European immigration is clear. And considering the facts, the facts how raw these crimes can be – even purely sadistic, it is clear to me that it is not us who are the barbarians. For some reason, however, call it the goodness of the soul or missing the plain reasoning, so many European women are lacking the strength to stand up for themselves and their fellow-females. No, a woman does not even need to be politically active or a nationalist to stand up for oneself. However, we are offers as folk group as the offers of the crime most often are European females, and thus we need to stand up and oppose this phenomena as a group as well.

To some degree the media pressure can be blamed for so many women not being able to think about risks. When we have a clear over-representation of sexual crimes committed by certain ethnic groups, everyone is pressurized to think that if you don´t like or love and give your sympathy and such to these folk groups, you are a racist. When this is done in so heavy way and the facts of crime not talked with all the facts needed for the common people to realize the risks and the importance of being aware, we can’t just say ‘What a pity, she should had known better not to go there” when a crime happens. Of course, just “knowing” doesn´t work always as violence can happen randomly but overall how much of sexual crimes and other crimes towards females could had been avoided if media and politics worked to protect the possible offers instead of only protecting the committers of the crime! How it can be possible that such case as the one described above, the country of the origins of the immigrant is found to be too dangerous for the criminal with a high risk of repeating the crime is found to be too dangerous, and the danger towards the females of the ethnic group in the host country is totally ignored. Some supporters of multiculturalism use the argument “crime happens [also in the ethnic group of the host country]. However, it is pure lunacy to be importing crime and not excluding clear risks outside the society just in the name of “humanity”. Where is the humanity towards the women? Every rape is one too much, and many of them would had been avoided – even lives would had been saved – with better immigration policies. With better policies, the Finnish woman that got cut would be able to go to toilet normally. With better policies Eva Helgetun would still be alive, Elin Krantz would still be alive, as well as numerous others women – now they are just names we can read about instead of living young persons.

Caring about your own folk does not mean disclosure/shutting out humanity in the first place. What it points out, though, is that there has to be certain realism with decision-making, in which priorities has to be made. This means that the decision-making happens in the highest level by considering what is the best for the ethnic group of the host country – instead of worrying about sending the crime-repeater to the “destruction” (as his supporters would say, incredibly enough, even though the immigrants have a habit of sending their children to these places for “learning trips”) it is out of option to bring the destruction here and the destruction of the lives of so many European women. In such cases, other kind of solutions has to be sought. If we want to act in the name of humanity, we should take the help to the origin of the bad living conditions. It is already clear that the monetary costs of non-European immigration have been enormous, including immigrants fooling off money from the government and all kinds of projects that in the worst case lack of having any kind of practical end goal. The politicians and pro-immigration activists certainly lack to see the bigger picture, speak and act contradictive, when they, in the name of humanity, do whatever is required to get the immigration-project merry-go-round going on with all its costs, bringing help only to some, when there is much more people in need of help – material, psychological, nutritional – in their very place of being in their original countries. From nationalistic point of view, helping these people in their troublesome countries is not forbidden in any way. Just that the help does not happen in the cost of the well-being of our own ethnic groups and countries as it does at the moment.

Recently, a new book about “Finnish populistic far-right” has been hyped by the extreme left-wing authors of the book. They tell us that ethnocentric European and so-called “right-wingers” (which basically means anyone, who opposes the liberal and unrealistic and non-logical views of the supportes of the left and “Green” party) are anti-feminist. Yet that is again another quite non-logical claim. Feminism is about protecting and advocating women’s rights – including their rights for safety and freedom, rights to walk free without being afraid being raped, their rights to walk in what ever clothes they choose without being in a risk of being raped because their skirt was too short or because certain ethnic groups view that a woman who is not dressed in a whole body covering black bag is “free game” to touch, maltret and rape. Opposing immigration of potential rapists is not being anti-feminist. It is being pro-female rights. If someone is anti-female rights, it is these Kumbaya-singers.

Would you rent a car to this man?

Would you rent a car to this man?

The topic of the week has been discrimination (how unusual…not). The local gas stations systematically discriminate the gypsies because they don’t want to rent their cars to them. Apparently, if a gypsy dressed in gypsy clothes goes to ask for a car for lease, he or she will be told that there is no cars available. After that, if a “normal” person goes to ask for a car, he or she won’t have a problem getting one. I fail to see the discrimination point here. I can say it is unfair maybe, but why not discrimination, I will explain:

Since when a company didn’t get to decide who are their customers and who they give their services?!

The gypsy and the gas station didn’t have a contract of getting some certain service and the gas station has the right to turn down a customer if the like. Just as in the same way, a night club or a pub can turn down a customer because they are dressed up wrong or are too drunk. A store can turn down a customer who is known for pilfering in there. A mall can banish the teenagers hanging around because of the potential risk of them trashing or tarnishing up the places or scaring away the older customers who don’t like loud teenagers, and some other service can deny serving again customers that didn’t pay their bills in time or who didn’t have credit.

I guess the thing here is that the gas stations apparently had a tactic of being nice. They said that they don’t have any cars available instead of saying ” we don’t offer you this service” or “we don’t trust you and that’s why we can’t rent you a car”. Maybe they should had said that – the same way as a drunken alcoholist or someone with sneakers, mullet and jogging suit will be turned down on the pub door with the words “we don’t serve you”. Or maybe just “not today” because you never know about tomorrow.

In multiple occassions a gypsy has used her “folk dress” to steal items. Police has found pockets being sewn under the dress and items such as construction pipes, gasoline canisters and even motor saws being taken out of the store under a gypsy folk dress. In Norway, just about a month ago, a gypsy couple tried to steal a huge flat-screen plasma TV under the gypsy woman’s skirt. Of course, not every gypsy is a thief but when things like this happen on a constant rate, our healthy logic tells us that there could be potential risk if you rent a car to this person. Just that the person has the money to rent the car doesn’t mean that the person couldn’t steal the whole car.

The gas station had a right to turn down a customer that didn’t look trustworthy enough for looking after of such costly thing as a rather new car. Like it or not, the gypsies have a reputation of being thieves just the same way as Finns have a reputation of being greedy for booze. Would you trust an alcoholic Finn to look after of you vodka bottle? Would you rent a car to a customer that looks untrustworthy? Well, I don’t think they would rent a car for anyone who is potentially untrustworthy, be that gypsy or a non-gypsy (maybe, if you are a person who thinks good of all people you think you would do that, but on the other hand you will only have yourself to blame when your booze is gone or your car stolen). It is just logic, the very same logic that a pharmacist would use when not hiring a drug addict to work in his pharmacy.

Tintin, you’re such a racist!

If you have some Tintin comics in your bookshelf,  you’d better hide them. The classic comic is soon joining the pile of burning books – in the name of political correctness.

Behrang Miri, who comes from Iran, wants to hide all politically incorrect books, such as Tintin, from kids. Well, in fact, he wants to hide all incorrect books from adults too. The news tell us many times about the political oppression in Iran. Now we have our own Iranians here in Europe to oppress us with such things as cencorship. For Behrang, it is unacceptable that Tintin uses caricatures, such as Africans depicted as having black skin and big lips. However, caricatures are part of comic culture. They have been part of European art for centuries.  Sometimes caricatures are used just for pure fun, like those street artists do. Sometimes they are used for satir like in political comics. Most of times they are not meant to be offending but to point out something (such as in the eyes of an European, an African has black skin and big lips).

It is even more ridiculous when thinking of how many kids and adults have actually become “racists” after reading Tintin? Well, I could almost bet that not very many. Because Tintin, the same way as a dark skinned caricaturous fakir flying with a magic carpet in Asterix and the Magic Carpet is a manifestation of imagination for children, not a manifestation of racism.

When, in the name of the extreme political correctness, things are cencored in such way, how can we say that our children will grow up being free thinkers? Are they able to form their own opinions – or are they only allowed to form a certain opinion? For me, it doesn not seem like the first option would happen – and in that case actions that lead to such result sound like brainwashing to me.

I could almost believe that Behrang is in conspiracy with journalists. Why? Because Tintin is everything that modern journalists are not.  Yes, those journalists that sit in their office 8 hours a day drinking coffee and writing about things they are paid for, in the mainstream-media-way they are paid for. Some of them one could even call professional liars. Tintin, on the other hand, is highly innovative, adventurous, neutral, brave, going after a story with 100% to figure out what is the factors behind it – and he is even politically incorrect but with a pure heart. Kids look up to Tintin, they don’t look up to the modern journalists. In my opinion, Tintin is much better option to look up than Behrang himself as well. Maybe that is also what these foolish people such as Behrang don’t like – the way how the whole world is a great stimulation and adventure for Tintin – with all it’s phenomena and differences, including those that someone may think as “racially prejudiced” – but the thing is, that for Tintin the world is detailed, not cencored, not pressed into a one great gray mass where everyone is the same.

Why Is the Rum Gone?

If Jack Sparrow asked me “Why is the rum gone?”, my first guess would be that the Swedish prime minister Fredrik Reinfeldt took it.

Of course, I should first ask myself a question over my mental state since Jack Sparrow is an imaginary fellow. Despite that, Reinfeldt seems to be a real-life pirate. Or actually a better comparison would be the Sheriff of Nottingham. The situation of Sweden could be comparable to Robin Hood’s England too. When a righteous and brave ruler is missing, get all kinds of pigs eat on the table. The only mission the ordinary people have is to work more and pay more taxes — because running the pigsty requires more and more resources.

Now the Sheriff has found an excellent solution – something that would bring more money in a longer time scale. That is getting in touch with the money you have saved for your pension. This means even your private pension savings. No, you are not supposed to go on pension before you have your other foot in the grave. It is even better if you have both your legs in. Then you didn’t need all that money anyways!

When you now work about 15 years for pure taxes of all your working years, it doesn’t hurt much if you do 5 years more. Your work result will be even more valuable when you just die off at 75 and don’t make any unnecessarily trouble for the state and strain the system by adding your needs in the nursing home – there are better things to pay for anyways than change the diapers for your old ass.

Welcome to the modern gulag-system – your imaginary freedom is only a jungle of entertainment to dull you off.

Fighting with the Fruit Flies

I am battling with fruit flies.

I don’t like them. They like my stuff, especially the trash. Especially if I have been eating fruits or berries.

I made a trap. I filled a glass with pomegranate juice and dish detergent. Some of the flies were fool enough to fly in the glass and drown. But that was not efficient enough.

Then I figured out a new method. I took the vacuum cleaner and sucked them in. It went well, at first, as they would try to fly away from the suction but if I went close and beneath them carefully and I could suck the fruit flies in. But then it has been more difficult – it is like they know when I turn on the vacuum cleaner, they just disappear from my sight and if I spot one they fly away fast and I cannot manage to catch ‘em. My god, have my fruit flies evolved into super fruit flies? I know they are used regularly as lab animals to study mutations and such. Did my killing method disturb the natural order? Did they become faster and smarter to be able to survive from my vacuum cleaner?

Last week I was participating a discussion with a space scientist. We talked about the scenarios when satellites or space probes go in the space and if they took some bacteria from Earth attached in the parts to the space. It would be highly impossible due to disinfection methods used and the fact the radiation in the space would kill them, in addition to that when taking the probe down in a planet it will go through such a shock in the physical environment that the bacteria would die off. However, never say never. If it happened, and because of the harsh conditions in the space who knows we would end up with some kind of superbacteria. The natural order would had been disrupted by human actions, once again.

The fruit flies, and the bacteria, would go through the route of evolution – “survival of the fittest”. Fittest does not necessarily mean the strongest and fastest, as people many times think. It just means that those who are able to survive the given conditions in any survival method that will work out the best will be the winners. For bacteria the route is fast – for humans it is slow, however, we have gone through it. There are direct signs for it – for example, the light skin helped northern Europeans to survive in minimal sun light in order to get the vitamin D needed. The harsh conditions the cold European climate also made us to become smarter. It has even been suggested that the logical and mathematical skills are coming from the Neanderthals – the skills that some other populations in world may lack due to not having Neanderthal admixture.

We are the result of thousands of years evolution.

Just out of biological and evolutionary point of view, the recent, articificial mass immigration influx to Europe is disturbing our natural order just the same way as any other human action towards some animal species to disturb their living conditions would do. We should not forget that we don’t live just in this moment. The blood – the genes – of our ancestors are flowing in us. They are the reason why we are alive today – they were the fittest. Evolution should not be thrown in the trash. No thousands of years of harsh life that our ancestors lived just to survive to the next day, to provide food and warmth to their offspring in the cold harsh winter of north, should be thought as a blink of an eye, just as a moment that destroys all that history and evolution with every decision our politicians make forgetting where they come from. We are worth of preserving – and as the evolution of dumbness seems to be just accelerating especially amongst the egoistic politicians, we should remind ourselves everyday that fighting for your survival is the biological step no.1 – even in the artificial and easy environment and all the fun and entertainment we are living nowadays with that easily makes us to forget. Fighting for your survival, your biological territory, supplies, your offspring, your genes. That is all what life basically is – and nothing else matters.

Article in Nature: The Neanderthal Correlation

Pic: National Geographic

Democrazy, Multiculti, Blaxploitation, Black Mannerheim and the Mantra

“Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-white”

The Bugsters are doing pretty good with spreading the Mantra (if you don’t know what it means, google the above sentence and you will get to read the rest of it). A few days ago it also was proved to be true, as the taxpayers of Finland got to hear how their money had been used for producing a provocative propaganda movie about the national icon Marshal Mannerheim, starred by a black Kenyan man and all Kenyan cast, spoken in English and Swahili. Just to put it short – it got the Finns pretty damn upset.

In the surveys following the announcement about the movie, 90% of the Finns answered that they don’t find it suitable that a black man is acting Mannerheim. After all, he had a huge and important role when our nation was defending itself against the Communists and fighting for the independence. For the Finns, the movie is a direct slap in the face – that’s why also about 90% says that they are not going to go to see the movie.

Yes, it is a slap in the face. So what. The nations we say that they are “democratic” and striving towards “multiculturalism”, these words mean that you can slap the native whites in the face as much as you want. Democratic? 90% is clearly the majority, and they don’t want this movie – still it is being pushed to them, paid by using their tax money and they are told they need to stop asking questions about the financing the movie because it is “art”. This is done by the tiny cultural elite – how come in a democratic country such “elites” who can decide over things are totally acceptable? What about “multiculturalism” – well, in European countries “multiculture” means that the culture and values of the native whites can be thrown in the mud, and that they mean nothing. The word “multiculture” simply does not include white cultures. Everything our forefathers did, everything they worked for to build up the country is meaningless in “multiculture” – or actually not meaningless; it is hated, despised by this very same elite and they want to destroy and ridicule it. This is why they place a all black cast playing Mannerheim and Finnish soldiers, talking in Swahili, telling us you need to pay for what ever things they do just because it is art, and if you don’t just accept it, you’re a racist. Thus, the Mantra proofs itself: anti-racist is a codeword for ANTI-WHITE.

Some of those 10% who are not so negative against the movie say that in the near future, the real history will be forgotten. The kids in the school will think about Mannerheim as a black man, actually as a black draq-queen because a few years ago a doll-animation, in which Mannerheim was depicted as a homosexual who likes to dress up in ladies’ clothes, was made. Is this what we want for the future – that kids in the school will be stupid and learn lies?! That the identities, heritage, culture and history of white people, and white people only, has to be forgotten, wiped out and changed to something completely untrue?! And we are made, in some twisted sense, to believe that being proud of those things makes you racist?! Again: anti-racist IS a codeword for ANTI-WHITE.

Mannerheim was not black. Julius Caesar was not black. Heimdall was not black. They are part of white European culture and history, which we have the full right to protect and defend. Being anti-white is being a racist towards white people.

The Bloody Gold of Kolyma

“There is a much that a man should not see, should not know, and if he should see it, it is better for him to die. “

- Varlam Shalamov

I’m keeping myself in the subject of Gulag due to the book I just coincidentally came across. The book I´m talking about is only 120 pages long but it is an impressive survival story of an Estonian Gulag prisoner Hans Alviste, who served voluntarily and became an officer in the Finnish Army – with a goal to get experience and training to fight againts the Soviet occupiers in his homeland Estonia. At the same time it works as a remainder of the things happened actually not so long time ago in history.

The brave young man travelled with his fellows in a small boat across the Baltic Sea to serve as so-called Boys of Finland in the Finnish Infantry Regiment 200. After returning to Estonia in 1944 the 18-year-old Alviste was imprisoned by the Soviets and sent to a real hell on earth – Kolyma, for the next 15 years.

Think about it. The Gulag sentences were really long – anything from 10 years all the way to 30 years were common. Breaking the rules again would get you easily another 10 years more. Your name will be wiped off and for then on, you are only a number. A number amongst hundreds of thousands others who ended up in Gulag. In Kolyma, working was demanded in extreme cold; -50C was the limit for mining to stop and even forest work had to be done even in -70C. Your food share would depend on the work result – if you reached the demanded daily limit you would get a few hundred grams of bread to eat along with watery soup. You could get a bigger share by reaching a bigger goal in the daily work, it was bad tactics, however, because the energy you used for the extra work was not compensated by the extra food share and you would get sick, weak and die off sooner.

In addition to fighting for your survival regarding the work, food and extreme climate you share your living conditions with the lowest scum on earth – professional criminals. As Alviste, another most impressive Gulag writers Varlam Shalamov wrote about the scum. A deal in a simple card game of the criminals could be, for example, to kill the first person that comes across in the morning. Alviste relates how he had to wake up for the criminals coming to axe off the head of the man who was sleeping below him. Death and disease was everywhere. Even guards could attemps suicides because they couldn´t take the horror anymore (many of the camp staff in Gulag system were sent to their tasks because of being unpopular in the eyes of the Soviet bureaucracy and leadership).

Why was the prison camps important to the Soviet rule? The answer is the practically free labor it brought. Kolyma was an important gold mine. With the work contribution of thousands of prisoners tons of gold was mined. In 1937 estimations tell that with 70.000 prisoners almost 52.000 kg gold was mined in Kolyma! The bloody gold it is…another question is where did it go…

Another creepy fact is that the prison camps existed till quite late in the modern history. What do you think about when you think about the 1950s? Pretty dresses, cool cars and rock’n’roll is probably what comes first to the minds of the “Western” readers. Many of the Gulag prisoners, those who survived the grim years, weren´t even released until in mid-1950s. Incredible enough, some were released post-humously, others still alive had crippled bodies and mind; workers in the mine, for instance, had to inhale dangerous mining dust and mining and other accidents were common. Varlam Shalamov, for example, was released in rehabilitation 1951 after 20 years in camps, and full freedom (the prisoners’ lives were controlled after the release so that they had to be usually living around the camp for years) he achieved in 1956. Kolyma itself didn´t close until 1968.

If we make a small connection to my previous post about the Holocauster Zuroff’s comments about the bad-behaving Balts – I find his statements even more hypocritical after reading another Gulag story. As I mentioned the Gulag system was on-going for long – in the meanwhile there was tremendous promoting and commercializing the “Holocaust” – in addition when many of the leaders of the Soviet system were in fact Jews. In addition, the USA has been one of the leaders of defending “Holocaust” and being strongly anti-German during the war and when doing the post-war “clearing up” but still was so, so silent about the Gulag system. Perhaps, this is one of the answers for the question where did all that gold and other minerals end up — the pockets of the Allied perhaps? Indeed, it was apparently even celebrated as a great success in the US when the White Sea – Baltic Sea Canal was opened – a canal constructed by forced labor of which estimatingly 100.000 died during the hard construction labor.

Another thing I have to say all this has made me pretty critical of. Even though the estimations about the human flow through the Gulags are still very rough, some kind of numbers can be brought up. In the 1950s CIA estimated that 3 million people died only in Kolyma camp. This was probably very roughly overestimated, however, it has been thought that 27% of the prisoners died every year. According to Wikipedia, approximately 14 million people passed through the whole Gulag labor camp system from 1929 to 1953. This is people from many Eastern Block countries: Ukraine, Romania, Baltic States and from Russia, of course. In 1993, it was estimated, based on Soviet data, that appr. 1.3 million people died in the whole Gulag system – however, it was common practice to release prisoners who were either suffering from incurable diseases or on the point of death. Mass graves have been found too – not that the prisoners were just shot to death but they died off from exhaustion and diseases. Anyways, when we count the victims of the dark years in the beginning of the last century including those who died in Gulags, Katyn massacre in which the Soviets killed appr. 23.000 Polish officers, and Holomodor, the famine-genocide in Ukraine caused by Soviets with estimated deaths between 3 to 8 million we still get quite rought estimations of the Soviet terror, which however, includes multiple nations. We can compare the numbers to the deaths in the bloodiest war in our history, the WWII, in which the Axis lost about 8 million soldiers and the Allied around 17 million soldiers. These numbers include of course soldiers from multiple countries. The World War I was less bloody, roughly around 5 million dead soldiers in both, Entete’s and Central Power’s, sides. To finish my thought, 1+1=2, no way it makes 6 million.


(The book I talk about is “Kolyman verinen kulta” edited by Antti Henttonen, based on Hans Alviste’s story. The name is translated as “The Bloody Gold of Kolyma” but the story is probably, and unfortunately, only available in Finnish and Estonian at the moment.)

Hillary was here to lobby us

During the last week we got Hillary Rodham Clinton here on a Northern European tour. Although I have not been following the woman’s actions so closely it seems that every country she visited has had some alarming news articles about the topics she has been discussing. Or better to say, lobbying and telling us how we should do the things.

One of the issues is of course NATO and war operations. Thanks has been given to the Finns and Swedes who have been throwing their money and soldiers into operations such as in Libya and Afghanistan we have nothing to do with and helping the US Government to occupy new regions – you know their motto is “If you don’t come to democracy, the democracy will come to you” (in the form of bombs). Unfortunately the conflicts and wars tend to get prolonged, we will be more than happy to take all the refugees here and 18+ yo “war children”…not. But our politicians just give the message that is is okay to “spread the freedom” for others by occupying their countries and setting them the outsider’s rules, we pay. Whet ever it is, we pay. The voice of the whining tax payer will be suppressed…

What else? In Sweden one of the topic has been internet security. The “security” means of course the tighter control the Government will have over internet, including censorship, and that the military intelligence could follow and intercept the internet traffic that is crossing the borders. Nowadays “security” means a tightly controlled and followed police state with the motto: “If you don’t have anything to hide, you can’t possibly be against installing cameras that follow you 24/7 – if you are against it, you must have something to hide.” The control of course is mainly to prohibit unwanted commentary and opinions – not any illegal action because nothing in the proposed tighter internet cencorship and control really is against something really illegal, such as planning violent acts, selling drugs, pedophiles searching victims via websites or Nigerians desperately trying to scam the citizens.

What was Hillary lobbying in Latvia? Well, as my previous post was about the bad-behaving Balts and certain people being a bit too pushy about issues and demanding that the US should get oppressing Baltic people although that no one is really interested in the issue there, and is not really an important issue at the moment. Hillary’s issue for Latvians was to urge Latvia to resolve the restitution of pre-World War II Jewish property “quickly and fairly.” Hello?! The woman is a world top politician and the issue here is how to distribute property – while the whole Europe is in total crisis…nothing more important to talk about?! Besides, I guess nothing was mentioned, for example, Russia needing to return Karelia to Finland, or even the Baltic States getting back their lost areas. Nope, it was only about this specific group getting their property even though no other group has been paid and given so much things after the WWII than them – never there is demands of making it right for others who suffered or were wronged…Anyways, I don’t even have to ask where Hillary gets her financing.

Finland got special thanks for having so many women in leadership positions. Of course. Equality is not really an issue here in northern societies. What would be the issue, though, is what it is to be specifically thanked or admired for? Making decisions is not about sex. It doesn’t matter if there is sexual equality in the amount of decision-makers – it is the quality that matters. Even though nowadays it seems that the male politicians and decision-makers are pretty lousy stuff too. Indeed, Finland’s Financial Minister, who is a woman, was apparently chosen as “the best new Financial Minister in Europe”. Or at least that was what the Finns were told – I guess just because they just need to trust to the decision-makers agreeing with giving the citizens tax money to other nations in the on-going Euro-crisis, and for sure they will never see that money again.

Reading news nowadays is hard. You really have to get there between the rows.

Hillary visited us, we were praised, thanked and urged. Hillary was here to lobby us.
hillary knows how to deal with it

The Magic Bus to the Gulag

 Lithuania has been the leader of a insidious campaign to try to distort the history of the Holocaust by seeking recognition that Communist crimes were just as terrible as those of the Nazis. — Efraim Zuroff

I have been pretty busy for the last days and unsure what I should write about in my next blog update. Various issues concerning women and feminism/anti-feminism – my pet peeves, has been going around my mind lately. However, when I took a look to today’s news I found a pearl. Immediately when reading the article about the statements, or should I say mouth excrement, of Efraim Zuroff concerning Nazi hunting in the Baltic States, I was became filled with angst. Zuroff is the director of Simon Wiesenthal center, which is one part of so-called “Holocaust industry” – in other words, he is also being paid for the job of pushing “Holocaust” down our throats.

What seems to be a problem for Mr.Zuroff is that the people in the Baltic States are not interested in “Holocaust”, downplay the event or even deny it. This is why Zuroff, in another article for the Guardian, demands that the US has to take a tougher line towards the issue and these bad-behaving Balts.

But as said, Zuroff himself works for the “Holocaust” industry.  His all life revolves around the issue. He probably wants that everyone elses’ life would revolve around it.

The Balts have full right to not to be interested in “Holocaust”. Why should they be? Well, Mr. Zuroff himself inaccurately downplays the Communist crimes that actually touches the Baltic States and the whole Eastern Europe and their ethnic folk A LOT more than “Holocaust”. This man, outrageously enough, even calls it “distortion of history” when these regions seek the recognition of the Communist crimes. Millions of Balts and Eastern Europeans were not killed in “Holocaust”. They were killed by Communists in Communist war crimes.

Communist war crime issue is complicated, yet so simple, but due to other nations’ interests and that most of the suffering nations were small and “not so meaningfull anyways”, most of people don’t know much of it – if you don’t happen to be offspring of some of the ethnic folk. Being silent about the issue has been gone SO LONG – actually it is still going on (unlike the “Holocaust”, however the “Holocaust industry” has blatantly produced millions and millions of dollars profit right away starting from the propaganda when the Second World War was ending).

It is like no one just didn’t notice how the Soviets occupied large regions in the Eastern Block, and continued their occupation…well, still to this day. When I visited the US, I talked about Estonia and met people who didn’t even know such state existed. I had to show it on the map. It is there, in northern Europe, just across the Baltic Sea south to Finland. The Baltic states didn’t actually become independent from the Soviet regime until 1991! Despite that, the Russians have much effect to the politics even nowadays in these countries. Russians effect even to the politics in Finland, even though Finland remained independent during the last century. However, Finland had to give regions to the Soviets and pay huge war reparations – even though Soviets first demanded occupation of the country just like they did to the Balts.  Most of my older relatives fought in war or served otherwise, and many died. Many, many Balts died the same way when trying to defend their country. Dying didn’t end to that, though. The Soviets had a prisoncamp  system, the Gulag. Those who were against the regime would find their way in the train to the camps and many of them would find the end of their story there. There are some good books written about the experiences in the Gulags, and I can tell these stories are much more truthlike than those Hollywood-Holocaust movies such as Schindler’s List. For example, Varlam Shalamov’s The Kolyma Tales or Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn’s The Gulag Archipelago.

This spring 40 former Soviet cities got a commemoration of these times. Or the times that never ended, so to say. “Bus of Victory” with the face of Stalin can be found also in Baltic cities. You can just guess how happy comments I would anticipate from my Baltic friends. This is about the same thing that there would be a memorial bus for Hitler in Israel. But as long as there are such “Holocausters” as Efraim Zuroff and his friends, that would never happen. And as long as there are such “Holocausters” as Efraim Zuroff and his friends stuffing the suffering of his folk and downplaying the suffering of the ethnic European folk and telling us to shut up, I guess there will be more Stalin buses in the future.

Stalin Bus

For the Wolves and People

June 7, 2010.
The officials of the Finnish Ministry of Agriculture and Foresty announced a license to kill.


Two years before this, they had equipped two wolves, a male and a female, with GPS collars. After the disappearence of the male wolf in the following year, the female wolf took a new partner – a crossbreed of a wolf and a dog. Soon enough, the pair got some cubs, and the researchers took DNA samples from the individuals. It was verified that the male was not a pure wolf, and thus he and the cubs had to be eliminated from the wolf pack.

Even though it wolf-dog crossbreeds in the nature are relatively uncommon, in 2004 another wolf-dog male, that had paired with a female wolf, was put down. The reason for this is to remain the genetical purity and the special characteristics of the wolf breed.

And here we get to the matter of principle. Wolves are an endangered species. According to Wikipedia, the genetical differences between the different canine species are smaller than the differences between human individuals; they can also reproduce together and get fertile offspring. Even though the wolf individuals made their “personal” choices to mate with a dog, we humans (who btw, also are just very strange animals) took the power in our hands and decided to promote the protection over these species – the two strains that are separated by thousands of years evolution, yet they originate from the same Canis lupus species.

Protecting the canines apparently is seen as a favor to Nature and its biodiversity. It is seen such a good favor that it is even promoted by the government. Indeed, wolves are in the limit of facing extinction, thus it is seen important to both protect the natural characteristics of the wolves, and try to increase their amount in numbers. For me it sounds fine and understandable. I don’t want wolves, or any species or sub-species go into extinction. That includes my own people. People of European descent constitute, at the moment, approximately only 12-13% of the world population.

White people, European people, are becoming minorities in their own countries soon if the situation developes in the same way as it has been doing for the latest years, and it makes me seriously concerned. We are facing mass-immigration outside Europe, and the non-European immigrants are having more children than European people. In the US, the situation is the same – the country is pressured by similar mass-immigration, and the immigrants of non-European descent in addition to the African-American population are reproducing faster than Whites. White population will be furthermore reduced when individuals of European heritage pair with non-Europeans.  Ok, it is their personal choice too. Although, as a side thought, the wolves also bred with dog by their own choice. We only assume that the wolves did not realize that they were throwing away thousands of years natural selection and would make a disservice to their population.

Protecting the wolf population that is facing extinction is seen as something good. If I want to protect my population in a verbal level as I do, it is seen as “racist”. The fact is, however; that the same way as Canis lupus species were separated by thousands and thousands of years of evolution, human populations were separated as well – they branched up to their characteristic populations. Furthermore, during the evolutionary road – as the latest science has discovered, the Asian and European populations got a share of Neanderthal DNA. If the genetical differences between Canis species are smaller than between human individuals, yet they are different sub-species, the genetical differences between human populations must be in that scale huge, especially when considering that some of the populations have even DNA from different sub-species in amounts of multiple percentages. The human populations also have different, special characteristics, that ought to be preserved. How can this be promoted as something negative by the media and government? Why is it alright to save the wolves but not the White people facing extinction?!

For me, it seems just absurd. Even more absurd when all the other minorities or endangered populations are protected by all kind of laws and legimate moral support. Supporting ethnic populations is A-OK as long as it is not about supporting Whites – even when it is about other ethnic populations’ chances of taking over our territory – which is not only our sociocultural region but also our biological territory defined by evolution!