Ill-equipped for Life

Ill-equipped for Life

One of the most loved figures from our childhoods is Peter Pan – the boy who never grew up. Peter Pan’s life is an adventure that he shares with other children, who are called the Lost Boys. Why is the story so charming also for adults?

The story of Peter Pan is probably most familiar to us from the Disney movie. The magic of childhood appeals to us with all its innocence and irresponsibility. Like in our real lives, we have mothers who take care of us when we are children, in the story, the main female figure and an older child named Wendy takes the role of a mother and the one who is the voice of reason.

Peter Pan must forget his own adventures and what he learns about the world in order to stay childlike. He avoids growing up because he doesn’t want that. He will rather continue to fight the pirates and tease girls. Well, he doesn’t really have to do that yet as he is supposedly around 10-13 years old – a child. A 25-year-old Peter Pan would seem strange but is not unknown outside the storybook. A 25-year-old Peter Pan is ill-equipped for life.

In real life, it is hard to draw the line for what is “adult”. Most of never become “old” with our mindsets – we are set to somewhat similar personality and have the characteristics we have developed during our childhood and youth. One can behave “childish” with one subject and “adult” with another subject. Despite the two-sidedness of adulthood, it seems that the new generations more and more fail to grow up.

What can we expect? The kids grow up looking up to Bart Simpson. It is admirable to be a slightly dumb class-clown, who wants to make the life of his teachers and principle miserable. The other end of the spectrum, the well-mannered, precocious and intelligent boy such as Martin in the Simpsons show is not desirable but is bullied and given “wedgies”. TV is their babysitter and when turning 25, they are tattooed from head to toe and preach about thug life.

I don’t personally have anything against tattoos if they are well-made. But “thug life”, being unsuccessful, is desirable for too many and being successful just too hard to strive for them. Or is it? Maybe it is not the success itself but simply the inability to grow up and deal with life as an adult. I suspect the root for this is the reality escape, dumbing down and the images media amongst other things has given about what is “cool”. When I see someone who is 30+ posing in thug clothes or wearing a “Crack Whore” t-shirt (without being a drug user), it is far from being cool. The clothing industry and brands, however, is taking advantage of this reality escape: You can be cool, you can be forever 14-years-old by wearing this – patch your self-esteem with our branded clothes.

Being ill-equipped for adulthood – the malady of our and the becoming generations. Who can we blame, our parents, the society? Why are so many in need of a reality escape when there is much the life can offer? Perhaps, we expect that life comes to us with those things – but no, we have to go after them. Success does not come by coincidence, most of times, but hard work and taking responsibility.

A Dinner with a Socialogist

True story from a few weeks ago.

Compelled to have a dinner with a person who works as a social scientist in a university.

The evening flows on nicely. The discussion somehow turns on the state of things.

“But we live in a multicultural society”, she says. “Sweden has always been multicultural.”

You know the feeling when you are so totally dumbstruck you can’t but just remain speechless. You feel like ultimate facepalm. You know when a person first potentially seems interesting and you think high of them, but suddenly you see how they always just parrot the same things, without ability to analyze it or criticise the information themselves. The final punishment is to suffer the rest of the evening with the company, knowing that their credibility went down the drain the moment the magical parrot words were spoken.

The most worrying thing with it is that the Western European universities are full with such people. What is it for a use to have people working in the universities who are unable to look at the things from various aspects – even without stating an opinion themselves – but just being able to criticize? Are universities supposed to be parrot institutions? I have come across this same question multiple times especially when reading social studies. Inability to criticize from various aspects, representing biased information and information that supports only the personal opinion of the “researcher”.  It indeed serves as opinion forming propaganda when being represented as “science” as the name of the university as an employer adds to the persons credibility. In the old days, the universities were the birth places for something new but now they are machineries of the state with the same and dull ideological basis.


What Solzhenitsyn Said


Control, control, control. The absurdity of the control society we live in.

Live and consume. Be spied on to not break the norm. War is peace, freedom is slavery, ignorance is strength.

Your habits will be detected and analyzed so that more stuff can be sold to you. Consume, consume, consume.

The European Union will criminalize growing your seeds. Growing your own potatoes has already been criminalized. Genetically modified food is pushed upon us and big players such as Monsanto are rolling the money in their pockets. When they control the food, they will control everything.

Step by step, we will lose the grip of what we once were. Thousands of years of farming practice is being forgotten the same time as the IQ of the population is on decline. We will not know how to grow seeds, we will not know how to plant the potato, not how to cultivate the grain. The World will be ignorant and uncaring, because the process is in the hands of the perpetrators.

In the end – endless, utter dependence.

Love vs. Hate

“A couple of days ago a good friend of mine was attacked by a group of so-called “anti-fascists”. These cowards attacked him from behind, beat him in the back of his head, and after he had fallen to the ground they continued to punch and kick him until bystanders came to the rescue and the violent thugs ran away.

The motive for this attack was probably that they thought he was a “nazi”, which in their feeble mind is basically everyone who doesn’t conform to the current society and the modern trends. He dresses mostly in black, has a nice haircut and listens to music that might be considered “dark”, “weird” or “extreme”. And this might be reason enough for these psychos to attack someone in the street.

And the result can be seen here: a blood-stained Joy Division-shirt with the iconic words “Love will tear us apart” on it. I think this is really aesthetic and in a way almost beautiful. He bled because he was different, because he didn’t adjust to the masses, because he dared to love, to really love, in the most deepest sense of the word. The love of higher principles. The love for going his own way, for his alleged political views and for his taste in music.”


Love Will Tear Us Apart

I don’t have much to add to this quote from my friend Parzival. It is quite thought-provoking by itself.

It is not hard to see who are the ones acting up on rage and hate. What are these people but servers of the current corrupt and sick system, erroneously thinking that they are the “dissidents” and “fighters for the good”. Oh, how wrong they are. They hate principles, hate beauty, hate freedom, hate logic and only embrace cowardice like a gang of scoundrels.

How ugly their minds must be.

50 Pounds of Heidi


50 Pounds of Heidi – I don’t know what to think about this blog text – just that it is excellent and introduces he Hipster Racist. If you don’t know Heidi Beirich is (a leading anti-racist on SPLC), there is an article about her on Metapedia.

Read the whole reblogged text on the link provided.

Originally posted on Eradica:

[ed note: It is with great joy I present Hipster Racist, a fellow who’s far more handsome than I, a better dresser and almost as funny. If you don’t get him, well – you’re just a goddamned idiotard. In every presentation of humor there is a vast portion of Truth – and a kick in the head with a steel-toed boot…]

In France they call it a "Royale with cheese."

In France they call it a “Royale with cheese.”

“That asshole Morris never knocks,” Heidi thought, as she locked the office door. She went back to her desk, sat down, grabbed the computer’s mouse, and clicked “Next.”

Dear Heidi,

Thanks for all you do fighting racism and oppression. As a strong Black woman, I can’t believe that here it is in 2013 and we still have ignorant hateful racists. Just last month while driving south to Florida I stopped at an All American Convenience Store on…

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Standing On The Shaking Shoulders Of An Apologist


Stockholm suburbs are burning, the coddlers are crying.

Same time, an African immigrant chops a White man to death with a cleaver and machete in bright daylight, on a normal day on a normal street in London. The politicians and media call the man “a terrorist” bringing up that the White man also was a soldier, the typical misleading from the truth is happening again in the fear of the “racist card”. Anyone who has seen the video about the tragic event can see that it is one more preposterous testimony of the very new form of violence the European countries are going to experience even more in the future.

Same time in Sweden, the firefighters and the police are trying to get the “youth restlessness” in order. The youth: in other words “the bearded refugee children” or just “immigrants”. The immigrant gangs are throwing the firefighters with stones when they are trying to extinguish the fires – started by the immigrants. They are attacking the police when they are trying stop the insanity – and the police are being criticized for acting too harsh. Finally, parking ticket are given out for the burned cars, and I can just guess it will be the only punishment even to be given out in this manifestation of absurdy and apologism.

Lena Mellin, an apologist columnist in Aftonbladet writes that the reason for the “youth” acting like rabid anarchists is that they don’t have anything to do, and that’s why they have to come up with things to do, such as throwing stones to police cars or to burn the neighbors’ cars. It is time to face the facts, though. There are plenty of Swedish youth without jobs and without studies, and they don’t go around burning their neighbors’ cars. They don’t go throwing stones towards police cars and firefighters just because they don’t have anything else to do. Why? Because it simply does not fit to the Swedish culture and mentality! It is not part of the way how the society works here! It is not how people are supposed to act just with pure logic, it is not how they are raised!

Just like most of the apologists, Lena thinks it is about integration. Lena thinks that these guys need to have a job and they want to have a job, and that is the way to learn the Swedish language and earn money. Well, for the starters, so far has the so-called integration meant, as it has been proven for example by the increasing mosque projects and increased rapes with the officials’ acceptance towards them, the integration of the immigrants to the Swedish culture, society and mentality but the integration of the Swedish people to the mentality of the immigrants. And most of it is just between the ears! The Finnish-Swedish correspondent Jyrki Hara estimated that the immigrants are “bitter” because they don’t “get a part of the Swedish opulence”.  If these people don’t have the will, the ambition or the brains to raise in the social ladder, it will be impossible to make it happen. Do they demand jobs by burning cars and houses?! Well, good luck with finding a person who would want to hire such an unpredictable person to be a subordinate. It is matter of lack of logic if a person cannot see the possible negative consequences of such action as burning someone’s house just because not getting what they want. Again, we see these people biting the hand on those who wanted to help them and provide these people a new life.

And it is all between the ears, I say again. The Swedish society provides free schooling. It provides extensive language courses in which you will even get paid for attending. Nothing stands against learning a language than wanting it. A job won’t make you to learn a language, it is you yourself. I was recently in a language course to improve my own language skills, and shared the classroom with a bunch of Frenchmen, British, Ukrainian and German exchange students, even one Berber. They all were able to learn the language relatively well in discussion level in just a few months. Just because they had the will, the ambition and the brains to do so.

Lena Mellin is making bad name for women who get the word. There is no place for such illogical apologism. Again, it is you and me who are paying all this “fun”. All the police and  firefighting resources, all the destroyed public property – it is from tax money. Tax money that is produced by the tax payers contribution of work and time.

Facebook Ostracism

Stalin knows how to do it

Some weeks ago I noticed that one of my friends on Facebook had ditched me from her friend list. I sent her a new friend request to see if she would accept it, but to no avail.

why oh why

This was probably my first reaction but as the days went by, I already forgot this event and it just came to my mind now. We have not been in contact for about a year or two because living far away from each other. However, she was my best friend through my teenage years, and even though as adults we had not seen for several years, it still felt like the time had not been so long between seeing each other when we met the last time. To add, I was her bridesmaid just a few years ago.

Ok, if she doesn’t want to be friends with me anymore, of course it is her choice. What bothers me most, though, is that she didn’t say a word or explain why – after all the good memories and great time we spent together as teens. It would had been enough just to say “Zushna, I don’t want to be friend with you because you *make up a reason*”. I tried to figure out what was it that I had done to trigger this ostracism. I am not posting “extreme” comments, I am not spamming, I am not constantly updating about my breakfast/lunch/dinner/cleaning/showering/activities (actually I personally make updates very seldom because I use Facebook mainly to keep in touch with my family and relatives because I live quite far away from them). Sometimes I post pictures that I find witty or funny, and some of them can be politically incorrect but not to extremity (at least, no one has complained). Sometimes I make comments too that can be politically incorrect but just as to state an opinion or principle. Was this the reason she ditched me?

Maybe the reason was that some time ago I ditched a girl from my friend list because she married an African and imported the husband to Norway. However, I never was very good friends with her, so it was not a big deal for me. Just out of principle, I would not approve her act because it will hurt a global minority population, the Europeans, if she was to have children with the African husband. Furthermore, it will end up the path of hundreds of thousands if not millions of years of natural evolution of human populations. On the other hand, I could understand the reasons why she ended up with such a decision - because she really, and I don’t want to sound mean but just tell how it is – was not pretty, I can just imagine that she probably got comments about it from rude men. I mean, she has a normal body but seeing beyond her facial characteristics could be challenging for an average guy – it was not something she could change just like that, like body weight for example. Then meeting an African, who probably would appreciate any white woman paying attention…well there we go.

Anyways, back to my ex-best friend, I wondered was this the reason why she ditched me. I didn’t think that she and this girl were close friends either. I guess it will be a mystery for me forever to know. I don’t know what is her political stance at the moment but certainly I would guess she is on the liberal side - but so is most of the people I have met in my life. Was I too much to her liberal little ears and eyes? Which derives the mystery even greater: liberals think that they are democratic but how does ostracising people with differentiating opinions in public serve democracy?! The so-called democracy lovers are the most anti-democratic people on the globe, it seems. Many of my friends on Facebook don’t care about the world or politics at all, though - they just live their happy sheltered lives like most of us, and they live in societies with basically no problems when compared to the multicultural centers, so I wouldn’t even expect them to know more. They can very well have an opinion that I would consider ignorant – I am not ditching them for such reason.

A friend of mine commented that we live the times of cowardice. I agree, being afraid of conflicts is very much a problem especially in the modern Nordic culture. I wonder why is that. Even stating an opinion seems to take lots of courage. I know, I am not near perfect either.

Ostracism is not a new phenomenon. In the ancient democratic Greece it was also used to expel a member of society the state would consider a threat. The modern western society practices ostracism quite heavily as well – not usually in the form of physical exile, though, but in a psychological way very much. The ostracism is manifested in social rejection – typically manipulated by the media, and sometimes ending up to a political manhunt, as a was in the case of Finnish politician Jussi Halla-aho a few years ago. So, even an opinion can be seen a threat and the state takes action towards it – it is even more clearly demonstrated when talking about the “Holocaust” denial laws and as the latest, the Greek government seeking to ban the humanitary aid the party Golden Dawn is giving for the Greek citizens. This derives a question: what is such democracy in which the state can decide what opinions of its citizens are threats, incorrect and totally unacceptable? What is such democracy in which the state makes it even legally impossible to stand up for your views that don’t follow the “official view”? What is such democracy in which dissidence is to be punished?

Nevertheless, what ever made my friend to ostracise me does not make me to change my Facebook behavior. Threat or not to the state or whomever, I know I am not alone with my world view.

Meat is My Right


I love good meat and I am not ashamed to admit it and promote my taste. Cow, pork, chicken, moose, sizzling sausages and meaty BBQ – just name it.

I eat my vegetables too but I couldn’t imagine myself being a vegetarian. I once worked in a society in which there was a majority vegetarians and for some reason they were almost obsessed forcing their ideology to others and banning the meaty meals at the work place. These same people call themselves democratic people. I don’t see their ways democratic at all. I as a meat eater, won’t force anyone to eat meat if they don’t want to.

Anyways, recently there has been once again one more unnecessary debate in Sweden and it is also approaching Finland – applying a ‘meat tax’.

The purpose of the meat tax is to punish the meat eaters. It would supposedly diminish meat-eating and thus meat production, and when meat production is diminished there will be more food available for the whole world. In other words, the evil white man and woman who can afford eating meat have to stop eating meat so that the Third World countries can produce more and more mouths to be fed.

Ok, I have sympathy for those who don’t have food but I don’t have sympathy for that I have to quit eating meat because they don’t have it. The European countries have helped the poor countries for decades and decades not only giving food aid but also trying to diminish the high fertility rates – fertility rates that are way too high when being compared to how well the children can be taken care of and provided food and other necessities. In addition, while these guys seem to be unable to farm their lands even with all the help provided, the Chinese people are buying their lands and seem to be perfectly capable to get the best of it without Europeans getting even involved, and it raises the question “why?”. Nevertheless even with the lack of food, the population continues to increase. Will it be an ecologically and socially sustainable thing to do to support the population increase?

The meat tax would be a shot in the domestic leg also because it would only add the demand and  consumption of the cheap import meat. The Finnish “Green Party” has now proposed that all the “EU support money” targeted to farmers should be abolished and instead there should be an extra tax applied to meat producers. I wrote some things about EU support money logic in my earlier blog post “In Soviet Russia”  but to put it short, any “EU support money” comes from the pockets of Finnish and Swedish tax payers as they both a net payers in EU…

Anyways, the “Green” Party, once again lacks of logic and cannot see how such tax would only harm the domestic meat production. Instead we would increase the cheap meat production and import outside Finland, Sweden and EU. Which really is not a Green thing to do, as it would contribute to the pollution by transportation, plus it would be harder to follow the origins of the meat batches. It wouldn’t be a Green thing to do either because  for some reason, as regular city people usually, they thing that bread and vegetables appear in the shelfs of the store by themselves. Preaching about near production and organic food, they don’t have a comprehension of that the soil in which the organic food grows has been probably been fertilized with organic cow manure. Still they think it is an ecological and socially sustainable thing to do to apply a tax instead of supporting near produced meat – oh well, when did these people have some logic… However, in the end it will be you and me who will pay.

Stop Driving Like a Russian

Stop driving like a Russian – Sluta köra som en ryss – Älä aja kuin ryssä!

Are you driving like a mental patient out there on the roads? Do you think you drive safely – or can you relate to the “Russian Road Rage” Youtube videos?

I drive quite long route to my work everyday. Driving is a moment that you can have to yourself, and it generates many kind of feelings. You can enjoy the speed on a big wide road. You can feel cool when sweeping off the road and enjoying a sunny day. Driving in a snowstorm makes you worried and alert. Idiots in the traffic makes you aggressive. Sometimes they can make you feel competetive or having to do a show-off.

Ok, maybe I don’t always drive 100% according to the speed limit on bigger roads but I at least consciously avoid driving like an idiot. This morning when I was driving  through a small village with a speed limit 50 kilometers per hour (31 mph) not exceeding the speed limit, some idiot comes behind driving 70 kmph (44 mph) and passes me just before a curve where you don’t have much view. What an idiot, I think and continue driving calmly. If I was living in that village and had kids playing around, I would be VERY mad if people were driving through like that.

It is not the first time though. Most of people seem to drive overspeed when driving through small country villages. How hard it can be to slow down – and actually drive according to the speed limit the few kilometers through the population center?! It is even more scary when I see that 99,9% of trucks are driving faster than the speed limit on roads that go through a village. It is not unheard that some kid has died after being crushed by a truck – so why to take the risk? No one is hardly driving like that in a city, in which  there is exactly the same speed limit. So why to drive overspeed when driving through a village if you wouldn’t do that in a city?!

Ok, I drove according to the speed limit till the village ended and it switched to 70 kmph (44 mph). I was driving according to the speed limit, and some woman that is driving behind me tries to pass me in an uphill. There was a car coming on the opposite side, so she needed to quickly steer back behind me. After the curvy part of the road it became a stright and I speeded up to 90 kmph (56 mph). I was already driving 20 kmph (13 mph) overspeed, and a few hundred meters ahead would start the city area with a big cross-section and lower speed limit. And still the woman behind me has to aggressively speed up and pass me just before the city limit. Someone forgot to take her medication, I was thinking. What was the use of that?! In the next cross-section she turned in an opposite direction anyways, so she didn’t earn anything by such risky behaviour if it was my driving that was pissing her off.

Anyways, just some tips for driving:

- Don’t drive too fast on population centers. Kids cannot estimate the speed of the car well. Adults can’t always either. You will not lose that much time if you do actually drive according to the speed limit the few kilometers till the population center ends.

- Don’t drive too fast on places you cannot see the view. You don’t know what is behind there. Isn’t that just common logic?!

- You can also slow down a bit on cross-sections, at least to the speed of the speed limit. It doesn’t affect that much on your trip time, but it reduces the risk of an accident.

- Driving a fancy car does not make you any better driver or your trip any safer. Sometimes I see a fancy sports car driving severe overspeed. Well, they don’t really make any impression – other than making me to think “What an idiot”, and the probably the other drivers think that too. You are cool only in your own head.

- Don’t drive too close to the car ahead of you. If you are not going to pass, or don’t get a chance for that yet - take more spece between the cars. An animal running on the road ahead of the car that is before you – you cannot probably see it, and you cannot react that fast if the car ahead of you has to hit the breaks suddenly. Take extra space when the weather is bad! Isn’t that just common logic, too?! I have seen a nice bumper sticker “The closer you drive, the slower I will go” and sometimes I follow the idea. ;)

- Use blinkers! They are not there for your own fun and colorful lights. The other drivers are not effin’ mind readers. Signal where you are going to go – and start signaling in good time.


- Signal also when you are driving in a roundabout so I don’t have to be guessing the direction you are going to go. For Nordics:


- Avoid behaving like a mental case in the traffic. Take it easy. You have no hurry to kill yourself – or others in the traffic. It is best for all if we can reach our destinations safely. If you are driving recklessly,it doesn’t only cause danger for yourself but for others as well.

- You know that driving overspeed is illegal and a crime. Driving overspeed makes you actually - a criminal. The speed limits exist for a reason – that is safety – and not just for your nuisance.

Stories From The Past 2

25.1.1940 Impilahti: A wounded horse lies in pain in no man´s land between Russian and Finnish lines. The screams of pain of the animal can be heard on both sides. The sound torments a Finnish soldier and clergyman Elias Simojoki. He takes his skis and decides to end the pain. He skis next to the horse and finishes it off. The Russian machine-gunners shoot him ending his life.

Elias Simojoki was a spiritual patriot. He was also the clergyman of the town of my family origin and a well-known historical person, who also in his youth was the model for a few quite famous statues. He was well-liked and with great humor, driving his patriotic spirit to the youth. I remember from my childhood, my greatly religious great-aunt’s (who served in war as Lotta Svärd -sister) admiration towards Simojoki. My great-aunt would oftentimes comment about Simojoki - she would cast her mind back to the “flaming eyes and spirit of Simojoki when he was giving a sermon”. Some ironic humour and practical thinking could be found in Simojoki´s letter to his friend, in which he wrote about having the Finnish communist traitors in a concentration camp to collect bird guano for agricultural purposes…. :)

(Picture of Elias Simojoki from Wikipedia)

Simojoki was a patriotic activist since his youth. At the age of 19 he volunteered in the Civil War to fight against the Russian supported Red Guard in the battles of Oulu, and as a 20-year-old he participated the Aunus expedition, which targeted to conquer parts of Karelia and annex them to Finland. A few years later he fought again against the bolsheviks for the freedom of Karelia. Simojoki was a supported of the Greater Finland ideology and oftentimes the topic of his prayers in the church were the Baltic Finnic folk of the Karelian region. He accused and criticized Mannerheim for retracting his “Sword Oath” in 1918, in which Mannerheim promised not to sheat his sword before the last Russian is banished from Karelia.

As a nationalist activist, Elias Simojoki heavily opposed Communism and Reds. He participated snatching communists and their forced transportation to the Russian border. He joined “IKL”, the Patriotic People´s Party and became a member of the Parliament during 1933-38. He also became the leader of the IKL related patriotic youth organization. The youth organization was targeted to all over 10-year-old boys and girls, and it had relations with other European youth organizations, especially Hitler-Jugend. Certain political directions, however, tried to find ways to destroy both IKL and the youth branch. Finally, the youth organization was forced to put to an end to in 1936 after it together with Simojoki attended the attempted coup in Estonia by the Estonian freedom fighters. Simojoki was made to resign from his priesthood for “improper actions” and he was also demanded to leave his position in the Parliament. However, right after the closing the youth organization, IKL founded a new youth organization called “Blackshirts”. The government even tried to reduce the visibility of both IKL and the youth organization by enacting a “shirt law” about the colors that were forbidden to wear due to the IKL and Blackshirts “uniform”: black shirt and blue tie. The youth organization worked actively until the 1939 when the older members were organized to help building the fortifications in the Karelian Isthmus.

The Winter War broke out in November 30, 1939. Elias Simojoki volunteered for the front line and met his end. His spirit was not totally lost, however.

So my great-aunt was a big supporter of Simojoki. She also hated and despised communists. When I was a kid, she would tell me not to play with some kids because their parents were communists. There was a partial misunderstanding because my best friend’s dad, unfortunately, had the same name as the leader of the local communist party in my town – and my great-aunt was living under impression that they were one and the same person. The White Guard – as the counter force to the communist Red Guard during the Civil War in 1918 – was quite popular in my hometown. The Civil War didn’t reach my hometown but as most of people were land owners and independent farmers, they were not very enthusiastic towards the communist ideology, which is quite understandable.


“S-patch” stands for the White Guard. Some more distant relatives in my home town, one of them being my mother’s godfather.

The sad thing is that also my great-aunt also died, before I understood the value of her experiences and stories. She had also been married when the war started – something I only learned after her death. Her young husband died in the war, and she would keep her own last name, never marry again and never even talk about the matter of having been married. Even when as a result of a genealogical research our family information was collected into a book, she forbid her marriage to be mentioned.


Funeral of the fallen soldiers in the church of my hometown. All the Finnish soldiers who died in war and whose bodies were found and identified were sought to bring back to their hometowns to be buried if it was not totally impossible.

The Allied together with its Commission banned the White Guard, Lotta Svärd and all the other nationalistic organizations in Finland as “fascist organizations” in 1944.